Is Kissing Considered Cheating? My Wife Kissed a Co-Worker

by Paul
(Iowa )

Is Kissing someone else considered cheating?

Is Kissing someone else considered cheating?

I would like to know what everyone thinks about kissing. Is kissing considered cheating and would you leave your spouse if you found out that he/she kissed someone else?

My wife is Colombian and she is a very sexual person. She has always told me that sex in her culture is not something bad and I love the sex that we have. She has always stated that she would not cheat on me, but that she is very flirty and that is just who she is. I am not a jealous person by nature and I have always trusted her.

I knew that before we got married but it has always been just flirty gestures. Recently I found out through a mutual friend that she kissed a co-worker while they were out for happy hour.

I confronted her about it and she brushed it off as just a kiss. According to our mutual friend the kiss was very intimate. She could not say that it was making out, but according to her, "they definitely embraced the moment".

First of all, is kissing cheating? Does she get a pass because it is a cultural thing? What do I do from here. Clearly she thinks that she didn't do anything wrong, or at least she is playing it off as if she is in the clear.

I know I can speak to her on how I feel about the fact that she kissed someone else. But I am not sure if I trust that it will change anything. It is not like she came home that night and told me that she kissed someone. She came home like usual.

I would have never known about the kiss if I wasn't told by someone else. Am I just going to have to accept this and trust that she would never sleep with someone else? I almost wish that I wasn't told about the kiss. Now my mind is all over the place.

Please, I would like to hear if kissing is considered cheating in your mind, and if you have any suggestions.

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Thats cheating my friend...
by: Anonymous

My friend, I,m sorry to say that if she is capable of kissing someone else behind your back without telling you then your girlfriend is capable of cheating and not telling you. Kissing is cheating and don't let her tell you any different. I hope you open your eyes and put her in her place. I am not saying to break up with her right now, but you need to look into her behavior and determine if this is something she has been doing and if she will do it again. Good luck!


Kissing someone else is cheating...
by: Anonymous

I assume you are referring to an "intimate" kiss. Any intimate kiss, whether with our without tongue action is considered cheating in my book. I would not tolerate that. I believe you must have respect for yourself, and if you spouse is willing to kiss someone else intimately behind your back, then the lined has been crossed.

That is my two cents. I can only wish you the best of luck moving forward.


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