Signs of a Habitual Cheater? Am I Dealing with a Habitual Cheater?

by Sarai

Concerned about my husband being a habitual cheater

Concerned about my husband being a habitual cheater

I read the page on dealing with a habitual cheater and as I read on, I began to feel the worse feeling in my stomach.

I caught my husband cheating twice and how I caught him was totally accidentally. Both times he claimed it was while he was drunk and he really didn't know what he was doing. Yea, he blamed it on the alcohol.

I chose to forgive because I do love him and he does treat me very good (besides the cheating of course!).

As I was reading the things a habitual cheater may do and say, a picture of my husband came to my head. I heard those very same words. I do not know if I am married to a habitual cheater or someone that messed up twice.

I have not physically caught him again, but it is just that his actions seem very suspicious at times. There is also plenty of times where he just doesn't answer his phone when I call. But when I am with him, he always has his phone in his hand, and always checking it.

Am I dealing with a habitual cheater? I am not the person that will go to world's end to bust someone cheating. The two times I did it was because I stumbled upon it.

I know some will criticize me already for staying with him anyways, but It was something that I thought through, prayed upon it, and came to my conclusion. I would only like to hear from those that are respectful in their answer. I don't mind honesty, but please only answer if you are going to be respectful.

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Don't stay with a habitual cheater because of weakness
by: Anonymous

God helps those those help themselves. You need to do more than just pray on it. If your dealing with a habitual cheater you need to either leave him or force him to go into counseling to see if he can change. They say you can't change a tiger's stripes, but atleast you have to try. If he is not willing to try along side with you then you need to kick that two-timing husband of yours to the curb. I won't apologize for being too blunt because it pains me to hear about women staying with habitual cheaters. Stay because the marriage is fixed, don't stay because of weakness.

right there with you
by: Anonymous

You dont want to believe you may be married to a habitual cheater. Believe me, I know the feeling because im in the same boat with you. Keep praying. GOD is the only thing that's kept me sane.

Take your doubts seriously...
by: Anonymous

We all have intuition, and the fact that you came to this site to express your concerns about possibly being married to a habitual cheater should be an indication that you have to really pay attention to what's going on in your marriage.

Intuition is a gift. Listen to it and if it tells you to dig deeper, then listen. Good luck honey!

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