3 Steps to Catch Your Husband Cheating

A Former Cheater Explains

In life, many times we run from the problems that affect us the most. But whether or not you address them, they are there, waiting to be answered.

When you don't address them, they continue to grow until the consequence is unavoidable.  

Only then you are forced to take action.  Usually it is too late.

There is an interesting fact — most foreclosures could be prevented if the homeowner simply opened an envelope and made just one phone call.  

Dealing with a cheating husband is a pending foreclosure and not opening the envelope is a mistake.

After reading this, you will know exactly what to do after spotting the early signs that your marriage is in trouble.  These are real steps you can start doing today.  

But you have to open the envelope! 

3 Consequences in Not Confronting Infidelity

Fear Will Cripple You

We all are born to be nurtured, and you are no different.  Do you envision having to start over in a relationship if you left your husband? The fear of losing the stability in your life is paralyzing. It is a very strong emotion and it will force you to resist change if you let it.

Guilt Will Consume You

Are you ashamed that maybe all of this is because you are not a good wife?  You weren’t there for him.  You are not the same person he married. The minute the awareness of guilt creeps in, your perception of yourself changes, and so will you, but not for the better.

Depression Is Inevitable 

We are constructed from our beliefs, and when they become negative they will form your new identity.  Living life in this state is not living at all and it will strike a mighty blow that fastens the wedge already there between you two.

Take Charge of Your Life - You Only Get One

So you think that your husband is cheating on you, but do you really know if he is?  What if you thought your child was involved with drugs, would you take that extra step to find out?

I think we both know the answer to that last question, and your marriage shouldn't be handled any differently.  Your child’s health and well being matters to you and so should the health of your marriage.

3 Steps You Can Start Doing Today to Catch Your Cheating Husband

Step 1 - Monitor his cellphone activity - Monitoring his cellphone will be the easiest way to find out if he is doing anything shady.  If he has a lover, he will need to communicate via his phone when they are not together.  

This is the most common place that he will slip up when trying to cover his tracks of infidelity. If you see a particular number or name appearing in his call log at odd times, make a note of it so that you may look it up later.  

This is to see if it is really who it says it is.  Please read the page on “Monitoring his cellphone” for the exact steps to take to uncover his cheating ways via cellphone.

Step 2 - Log his activity - So you know that something is not right, but have you really stopped to analyze when it is that he may be seeing his lover? There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a month.  

By logging his whereabouts day by day for a month, a pattern should emerge fairly quickly. What days can’t you reach him when you call?  By taking notes with the log, it will be easy to dig deeper into his schedule.  Be sure to record the suspicious phone calls in the log.  Am I smelling an unannounced trip to the gym on that mysterious Tuesday night? You get the idea.

Step 3 - Casually question him - You are his wife, so asking a question like, “How was your day?” shouldn't be a problem at all.  While keeping your log, make sure to ask casual and subtle questions that forces him to put a time and date to his activities.  

With a little cleverness, you should be able to get him to account for his time.  Now use this information and cross reference it against your personal log (with suspicious phone calls) that you have been keeping.

On my site I talk about many clues to look out for and many things that you can do to catch your husband cheating, but with the three steps I mentioned above, you have everything you need to catch him cheating.

Time is essential for a cheater, and if you have it logged you can narrow it down and eventually uncover his infidelity once and for all.  Keep reading, “What do I do after learning my husband cheated on me."

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