Why Does Someone Become a Cheating Spouse?

A cheating spouse is something no one wants to have to deal with. Unfortunately, anyone can find himself or herself becoming the victim of cheating. It is also possible for the most unlikely people to become cheaters. Men and women sometimes tend to cheat for very different reasons according to the experts.

While there is also an assumption that people who cheat are in unhappy relationships this is not always the case. A study by Rutgers University states that 56% of men who cheat are happy in their relationships and do not want to end their marriages.

Common Reasons Why Women Cheat

For many men, a cheating wife is a major blight on their manhood and it can have a crushing effect on their ego. When a man finds out that his wife is seeing someone else, he often wonders what would have caused her to do this.

In movies and books, a cheating housewife may find comfort and companionship elsewhere due to neglect. In many real life situations, this is a common reason why women stray. 

Some additional reasons an unfaithful wife tends to give for her actions include:

  • Emotional neglect: Some women state that they no feel a connection with their spouse. This can result from people just growing apart or due to work pressures resulting in them spending less time together.
  • Lack of attention: Many women claim that they turn to another person for attention when their partner no longer provides this.
  • Revenge: Some people claim that their infidelity was a means of getting back at a cheating spouse.
  • Sexual dissatisfaction: It is quite common for an unfaithful spouse to blame a lack of excitement in the bedroom for driving them to find sexual fulfillment elsewhere.

Common Reasons Why Men Cheat

Some of the reasons men give for being unfaithful are similar to those of women, however, there are stark differences in some cases.  For men, one common thread is that they cheat because the opportunity presents itself and not because of any problem in their relationship. Other reasons men give for seeking sexual relations elsewhere include:

  • Sexual frustration: Some men say that there is a lack of sex in the relationship or that they no longer find their partners sexually attractive.
  • A hard time saying no: Some men see saying no to sex as an unmanly thing to do, so they stray for the sake of their egos.
  • Peer pressure: Interestingly, men report that they cheat due to pressure from friends who are also cheating.
  • A forgiving partner: A man may cheat because he can get away with it or because he knows that his partner will forgive him.

Cheating is NOT New

A wife cheating on her husband or a man cheating on his wife is nothing new and there is little reason to believe this will ever stop. Whether it is just a matter of opportunity, unhappiness or falling out of love, there are many reasons that lead people to be unfaithful to their partners. Regardless of the reason, having a cheating spouse is never an easy thing for anyone to deal with.

“My husband is cheating on me” is unfortunately a very common comment among women. A woman with a cheating husband sometimes goes through a range of emotions, however, it is important to remain rational.

Likewise, one of the most devastating statements a man can make is “my wife is cheating on me.” No man wants to readily admit to having a cheating spouse, and being a cuckold.

It is important to know that having a cheating spouse, while painful, is not the end of the world. Some people are able to get over infidelity and continue their relationship, while others find it too difficult to remain with an unfaithful spouse. In either case, it sometimes means getting outside help to deal with the hurt and to rebuild trust and a sense of self-worth.

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