Catch a Cheating Spouse: Find Proof Your Spouse is Being Unfaithful

Before you can catch a cheating spouse, you need to confirm your spouse is unfaithful and once confirmed, you may have to have evidence. The first lesson in how to confront a cheater is that the he or she is likely to deny the affair, and you should get proof such as recordings or pictures that are difficult to explain away.

For the do it yourselfer, a spy shop will give you an idea of what is available and the cost of the products to catch your cheating spouse.  You also have the option to hire private detective services the old fashioned way or an online private investigator.

A professional not only can collect the proof of the infidelity, but can do a background investigation for additional history of cheating and he or she would know what evidence could be presented in divorce court, if it is needed.

Technology Tools

Some of the spy shop equipment that is used to catch a cheating spouse includes:

  • Cell phone tracking software - Depending on how sophisticated the software, you can record everything your spouse does such as texts, photos and emails, as well as record the exact location of your spouse with GPS tracking.
  • GPS tracking  - Typically, you have a less expensive choice of a passive device to catch your spouse cheating that records stops and where your partner traveled, and you remove and download the information. The real time device transmits the information live to your computer and is generally more expensive.
  • Spy cameras - Nothing like catching the cheater in action than on a spy camera, and when purchasing one, you should consider battery life and whether or not you need a camera that takes good photos in the dark.
  • Listening devices - If a camera is not going to work, overhearing conversation in a room or on a cell phone might be the answer. You have a variety of devices from which to choose including voice activated recording devices and earpiece devices that let you hear phone conversations.

Finding Evidence to Catch a Cheating Spouse

To catch a cheating wife or catch a husband cheating, the evidence is most likely:

  • In financial statements - No doubt money is spent somewhere on the other person which could mean hotels, restaurants or gifts. Credit card and bank statements contain the most information but receipts can give information to catch a cheating spouse as well.
  • On the computer or online - PC monitoring is done through a keystroke recorder or any key logger program. Depending on the sophistication of the software, you can track everything your spouse types, every website your spouse visits and even record voice chatting. You can do less technical surveillance simply by checking Internet history and computer cookies to catch a cheating spouse.
  • In the car - You look at the mileage, you can check under the seats, in the glove box and in the trunk of the car. At least one betrayed wife was able to catch cheating husband when she found condoms in the glove box, and they did not use condoms in their relationship. You can use spy camera and/or listening devices in the car too.
  • At work - Call during lunch and if you frequently cannot reach your spouse this may indicate infidelity. If you have a friend who also works with your spouse, he or she might be able to confirm your suspicions. Some times cell phone tracking software is the best method of getting evidence of a cheating partner in the workplace.
  • On the cell phone - You should check contacts, text messages, call logs and watch the reaction of your spouse when his or her cell phone rings. If they leave the room, do they go to same place to talk and if they do, you can put a recording device there to capture the conversation. Again cell phone gps tracking will give you all kinds of information too.

How to catch a cheater typically depends on how adept the cheater is at hiding his or her affair and the type of affair he or she are having. However, today you have a number of choices on how to catch a cheating spouse and the age of technology gives you fairly inexpensive tools to help the process.

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