Signs of Infidelity

Learn These Signs Before It's Too Late

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Signs of Infidelity is going to cover all that you need to know when it comes to identifying the clues left behind by your cheating spouse.

During my cheating ways, I left behind several of the specific signs that I will now discuss.

Below you will find real tell-tale signs of infidelity that you should not take lightly.

Looking back, I left behind some of the very same signs that you are about to read.

These signs should only be used to assist you in determining if your spouse is having an affair.

No one sign should be taken as the end all when reaching a conclusion about your suspicions.

Use them as an indication that your marriage needs to be examined.

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Signs of Infidelity to Look Out For

Behavior Signs

Are you noticing radical changes in your partner's behavior?

This is one of the biggest signs that a cheater can display while stepping out on their marriage. Human behavior is quite fascinating, and it is probably their guilty conscience that will subconsciously lead them to behave this way.

These changes may be present in a wide variety of ways, from changing the way they dress to the music they listen to.

The key is to identify the radical change when it comes to the person you know.

Gossip and Question Signs

Has a friend or family member told you that they saw your spouse in a setting that was a little suspicious? This one is tricky, because they may not directly come out and say that they were suspicious but their tone may be saying something else.

I mention this one because it happens more than you know.

We cross paths with many people in our daily lives and your spouse may have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Wedding Band Sign

Has your spouse stopped wearing their wedding band?

Once again, this may be their subconscious making them feel guilty about their actions. The simple act of removing the band that represents commitment may be their solution to get them by during their moments of infidelity.

Sex Signs

Has the sex frequency changed dramatically in your marriage?

This one can go either way, but a change in the frequency of sex in a relationship or marriage is one of the most telling signs of infidelity to be aware of.

There are many references to indicate that change in sexual frequency is one of the most significant signs ignored when observed in hindsight.

What is interesting is that in the majority of these cases the frequency was diminished while there was still a significant amount of people that cited that their sex frequency dramatically increased.

The way your partner acts during sex is something that can significantly change when they are having an affair, so pay attention.

Are you experiencing the feeling that you are no longer connecting with your spouse?

The feeling of being disconnected is routinely cited during couples’ therapy after an affair is revealed.

Your spouse only has so much to give, and with simple math it is clear as to what you are left with when they are giving the majority of their time and affection to their new lover.

Story Signs

Do you find that your partner’s stories just aren’t adding up any longer?

If you notice then this is quite significant because customarily you tend to just accept and trust what you are told by your loved one.

When you have to start questioning their story then it is time to starting paying attention and taking note.

Phone Signs

Has your spouse suddenly become possessive about his or her cell phone?

The cell phone is the number one means of communication when two lovers are apart.

If your loved one is cheating, they will feel the need to secure their phone so that their secret is not accidentally revealed.

signs of infidelity -hiding cellphone

Quick Tip - Signs a Cheater Wouldn't Think to Cover Up

Mood Signs

Does your spouse experience strange mood swings? This is one of many signs of infidelity that is caused because of the internal conflict they are experiencing while they are having an affair.

Are they easily aggravated when you two sit down to talk?

Financial Signs

This is also something that they will do, due to the guilt playing on their subconscious. Their action is almost automatic because of the guilt brewing inside. Affairs cost money, so your spouse will have to spend money in order to keep up the affair.

Many times the money is spent on items like hotels, jewelry and fancy restaurants.

During their affair, they usually bring an element of financial infidelity into the marriage.

Follow the money trail and many times it will lead you to your answers.
These signs of cheating should only raise your awareness in your marriage, but if you want to put your suspicions to rest you will have to become pro-active.

Sitting back will not get you the answers you need.

Take action today by taking the first steps in finding the truth.

You can start right now by paying closer attention to your spouse’s cell phone activity.

Remember this, overly possessive behavior when it comes to their phone is one of the signs of infidelity that you should not ignore.

Your marriage may depend on it.

"My husband was very secrative about his cellphone, and looking back I think this is one of the most important signs of infidelity that you should know!" - Jamie from Washington

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