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Thank you for stopping by to check out our cheating poems. Infidelity is a very difficult thing to deal with, but the more you are able to release your pent up emotions, the better chance you will have in getting past this difficult time in your life.

On this page, you will find poems about cheating and infidelity written by others that have been hurt or affected by infidelity in some way.

I’d like to consider this our version of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

From the very beginning, great figures that helped shape the world we know today knew and wrote about the healing powers of “Poetry Therapy”.

"Not I, but the poet discovered the unconscious," wrote Freud

Self expression is truly a wonderful way to overcome unwanted feelings associated with infidelity and cheating. Our infidelity poems forum is here for you to do just that.

There is no right or wrong poem. The important thing is for you to write, read and hopefully connect with what others have shared.

Not comfortable to write just yet?

Feel free to browse our cheating poems by our visitors that may inspire you to gather the strength needed to get you through these difficult times.

Featured Poems about Infidelity and Cheating

"The Lonely Woman"

"The Lovesoulz"

"Silly Rabbit"

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Everyone is invited to join in. There is no good or bad when it comes to sharing what's on your mind!

Infidelity Poems by Our Visitors

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Have a good life 
where do I start I going to say what I feel cause its weighing my heart your the only man I know that is ripping it apart so many years of being married …

At the end of the tunnel Not rated yet
Marriage is supposed to be a bond that you hold together growing old and loving each other forever eleven years of tears and this was my hardest fear …

Exhale Not rated yet
EXHALE Tears of mine I refuse to cry I will not surrender to a little white lie Memories we shared are hard to forget He's that craving I can no …

Trying to Move On Not rated yet
Those feelings I felt,I remember as if it were yesterday, The happiness, The Love, The trust- Who knew it would come with such a high penalty. I let …

My Green Grass (A Poem For Inspiration) Not rated yet
My Green Grass -I read some words once that truly made me think, the grass is still green on my side… Those words ring true in so many aspects, as …

You Spun Your Web of Lies Not rated yet
Web of Lies When I Looked Into Your Eyes I use to see deep into your soul Now all I see is two blocks of Coal I use to cherish your warm …

Shattered Trust Not rated yet
Shattered Trust The pain of lies The web of tales Has brought me to my knees I never thought I’d feel this hurt that you bestowed on me I trusted …

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