10 Signs She is Cheating on You!
Learn These and Save Your Marriage!

signs she's cheating

Are you starting to notice the obvious signs she is cheating?  Is your mind playing tricks on you?  Well every cheater will leave behind clues, hints, and sometimes even blatant evidence that they have been stepping out on the relationship or marriage.

But if you are not aware of what you are looking for, these obvious signs of a cheater will pass right under your nose.

If you have any doubts at any point in your relationship, my personal advice to you is to ask yourself the question:

"Could she be cheating on me?"

By doing this, this will open up your mind to ponder the possibility that indeed your beautiful loved one could be doing you wrong.

Most people will ponder and think about both sides of the coin when it to comes to all other major aspects of their life.  But in a relationship or marriage we are taught to just sit back, trust and have faith that all will work out fine.

Let me tell you here today that there is absolutely nothing wrong with minding your relationship.  In a business, it is prudent to double check the work of your trustworthy accountant every now and then, isn’t it?

He may be straight as an arrow, and if he is, checking into things will just reassure what you thought to begin with.  But we are dealing with humans, and checking up on him may also deter any bad thoughts that have crept into his mind.

Well relationships are the same.  Mind your relationship and it will reassure what you thought to begin with, and possibly keep a temporarily vulnerable mind on the right track.

On this site, I will teach you the many signs she is cheating that you should be aware of.

10 Signs She is Cheating on You

  • She has become withdrawn – You notice that she is no longer committed to making you happy like she once did.  You may also notice that she has pulled away from your family and friends.

  • She has become very irritable around you – Everything you do seems to annoy her nowadays.  Even the simplest questions and conversations.

  • A new “friend” is now in her life – You start to hear more and more about her new “friend” of the opposite sex.  This person has now become part of her life without any discussions about this new aspect of her life.

  • Her priorities have suddenly shifted – You use to be the first one to hear about her important news.   Not anymore.  Do you feel like you have to make an appointment nowadays to get a date night that she use to beg you for?

  • Sex is erratic – The frequency that you guys have sex has changed dramatically.  Usually this means that you are now getting busy a lot less than in your happier times.

  • Appearance now a priority – Is she making an extra effort to get all dressed up for her “night out with the ladies” all of a sudden?  With you, it’s a t-shirt and jeans!

  •  Her independence has grown – Has the words “we” suddenly been replaced with “I” in her vocabulary?  

  • Acting shady – If she is cheating, she certainly will have to display shady characteristics at some point in order to carry out her affair.  You know everything about her, so this behavior should be easy to spot.  This is a major red flag.

  • She no longer cares – You’ve probably experienced a point in your relationship where you felt you were stifled because she just seemed to care too much.  Well, the other side of that coin is that she just doesn’t care at all.

  • She is defensive at all times – In order to cover up her tracks, she will need to become very defensive when questioned about her whereabouts. 
signs she cheating

Stay Level Headed at All Times

If you chose your current partner because of all the exceptional wholesome qualities that she has, then it may be easy to say that no one sign above should be used to condemned her for cheating.  

In fact, these signs she is cheating are only to be used to raise awareness of what is going on in your relationship or marriage.  Never say never when it comes to cheating, but jealousy should never overcome your relationship either.

Keep on having faith, but mind your relationship!

Good luck!

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