Obstacles of Infidelity
You Should Know for Your Own
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On this page I will discuss the many obstacles of infidelity that you may have to deal with when it pertains to infidelity.

So what causes infidelity?

Typically infidelity refers to betrayal in marriage, but for article I will use this term in regards to any committed relationship.

Cheating and infidelity is when one partner “chooses” to step out on the other while in a committed relationship.  Why would anyone do such a thing?  For many it is hard to comprehend why someone would risk breaking up a happy home. 

There is usually a reason or cause to each act of infidelity.  Reasons cited for infidelity include lack of affection, lack of sex in a relationship, drunkenness and even revenge.  These are all reasons that I have heard.  But when it’s all said and done, the underlying reason is selfishness.

Things are not always the best in a relationship, but as adults we all have choices, and one choice we all have is to leave the relationship before deciding to cheat.  Below are three obstacles that you will have to overcome in order to be happy again.

Obstacles of Infidelity

Three Obstacles of Infidelity

Obstacle #1 – Suspecting Infidelity

The first obstacle you will encounter is suspecting that your partner is cheating on you.  This is a very frustrating stage, because you will begin to feel helpless.  Should you tell others about your suspicions?  This stage may go on for some time if you do not become pro-active when trying to uncover the truth.

Obstacle #2 – Confirming Infidelity

Stage one is bad, but when you finally confirm that your loved one is cheating your world will come crumbling down.  At this point, you are crushed.  In order to get through this stage you will need to depend on family and close friends.  Getting through this stage by your self is extremely difficult and I would not recommend it.

Obstacle #3 – Surviving and Healing after Infidelity

This stage may feel like it never actually occurs, but at some point you will get here after making some very tough decisions in your life.  You will need to decide whether or not to stay with your partner that has just chosen to betray you and your relationship.  Getting to this decision may require the aid of a counselor or a trusted family member.

"Learning how to cope with the heart break of infidelity took me years" - Jen from Iowa

Each of these stages is difficult in its own right, so going through each one in succession takes a very strong person to recover and rebound back to a place of happiness.

On this website I will continue to share my experiences and tips that will help to get you there.  Please feel free to contact me with other obstacles of infidelity or any questions or suggestions that you may have.

Good luck!

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