Silly Rabbit

"She had your attention and affection while I stay home and cried"

You cut me down from our marriage and placed me to the side

She had your attention and affection while I stay home and cried

Such a distance had grown between us and I hoped it was just me

Turns out my woman’s intuition is just as strong as it can be

The senseless arguments and frustration were masks for your deceit

How silly of me to blame myself for failing to meet your needs

No, it wasn’t that I’m not pretty, intelligent or loving enough

It’s simply that you felt you found a diamond in the rough

Couldn’t let the opportunity pass you when it presented itself

Your wife would always be there, besides you are a master of stealth

So you kept your diamond hidden inside your secret stash

Oh wish I could see your face when you find out it’s only glass

Not so confident now are we? Now that the deck is almost gone

You may be holding two face cards but honey I’ve got twenty one

So pay up what you owe and spare me the hoax to make me stay

The dealer will not always win and I’ve learned when to walk away

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