After 7 years of marriage I no longer trust my husband.

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After 7 years of marriage, my trust is starting to dwindle

I recently went out with my husband and our 7 children on Easter Sunday and as I got in the vehicle I questioned why was my seat back my husband questioned the children the older children explained why they never sit in my seat while the smaller ones said "mom I don't even know how to do that." some are too young to even know what I was asking.

My husband grew quiet. Then when we arrived at our destination my husband got out of the vehicle and I noticed a long very long strand of hair caught in his headrest. I could clearly see it wasn't my hair.He said he didn't know how it got there".

After I questioned him again he said I don't know maybe it blew in. Now during this week I noticed we was only intimate 3 times with a 12 condom box and two are missing. When I asked him how many times we were intimate he grumbled I don't know why does it matter?" it use to always matter to him he use to keep up with how often and how much.

Now he claims he doesn't need too because we do that so much. I tried the questions being gentle I only flair up out of fear I have so much to lose I am a stay at home mom no income of my own and I don't have a license so I don't drive.

I am always with the children or him when he does take me out. Almost never. Now he's accessing me or saying things like where is this coming from. I need to mention always going to the store and taking over an hour please help with any info is it my head?

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