At the end of the tunnel

by Dionna Harrell
(Coatesville pa)

Marriage is supposed to be a bond that you hold together
growing old and loving each other forever
eleven years of tears and this was my hardest fear
that you was unfaithful and the divorce was near
time after time I stuck by your side
but here you are again caught up in your own lies
is it that I'm young and your getting old
where was the love the fact that our bedroom was cold
love don't hurt but ours happen to sting
then you walk around here not wearing a ring
while I sat home in my room alone
you was in bars putting numbers in your phone
I never gave you a reason to think I was cheating
when I think of what you are doing my heart stops beating
where were you every time I got sick
instead of comforting me you tell me your sick of my shit
but when you was down I was there every single moment of it
my heart is sadden my body is weak
when I wanted to talk you act as though you couldn't speak
there was no hope where was the help
your actions showed that you didn't want to work things out
I can always tell by your mood when we was going to fight
because you would accused me of what you were doing
and it didn't sound right
how bout all the condoms you tried to hide
we never used them so you couldn't lie
you would always expect to come home and get laid
but every month my bills was not getting paid
you watch me struggle you watch the pain I went through
you was always selfish you only cared about you
all the women you were with in the past
I knew this marriage would not last
this beautiful house that we live in wasn't good enough for you
cause you had to go get your own place
and have your cake and eat it too
you put yourself in a place your going to hate to be
one thing for sure you will never have a wife like me
its very dark but this isn't the end of my life
cause at the end of the tunnel there is light

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