betrayed for years

a month a go I found out that my husband had sex with a coworker after a work get together. He only confessed because he thought he had caught something. It turned out that it was not an std only a uti, lucky for me. After that I started looking into his emails and phone records and discovered that he actually had solicited other females for affairs more than one occasion throughout the 10 years of our marriage. From exgirlfriend to coworkers to even craigslist ads. He claims that I was not affectionate enough for him and he seeked that elsewhere. He has asked for forgiveness but that fact that I had to find this info on myself don't know what else he might of done that I don't have proof for. We have two children under age 6 and I am trying to figure out what to do. He wants me to forgive him, and act upon what his needs are. At this point I cant even get myself to do this and am conflicted on what I feel.

He still works with the coworker in the same office and they see each other everyday and I fear that he will do it again. I need some advise on what I could do either way If decide in trying to work it out or just end it.

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