Can a Couple Survive Infidelity

can couples survive infidelit

Can a couple survive infidelity? After reading this you will be able to answer that question as it pertains to your relationship or marriage. The answer will be different for each couple. The reason for this is because each couple will choose to devote a different level of commitment when trying to overcome and survive infidelity.

Another major reason is because many individuals that have been cheated on will choose to leave the relationship immediately after discovering the affair. Their choice will be to put no effort into surviving infidelity. Always remember, you have that choice.

Everyone deserves a chance to be happy in a relationship, and if you know with 100% certainty that you could never be happy again after the affair, well then the choice to walk away may be your best option.

Can a couple survive infidelity? I have discussed several reasons as to why a relationship may survive an affair, but there are many success stories of marriages and relationships that became much stronger after discovering infidelity.

can a couple survive infidelit

If you have recently discovered infidelity and you are trying to save your relationship, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone and there is help for you. You may want to start by visiting our infidelity forum where you will find support to help get your through the tough times.

Can a couple survive infidelity? The answer may mean more when you hear it from someone that recently accomplished this feat.

Guidelines to Success When Trying to Survive Infidelity

Find a Support Group – When trying to recover from an affair, one major mistake that you can make is to try to get through the tough times without help. Lean on the ones you trust. It is in these times that you need the support of your family and close friends.

There are plenty of reliable infidelity forums that you can join to find other outside support groups. It is always helpful to hear from others that are experiencing the same things. In many cases you may get advice from others that have made it through and are surviving infidelity.

Accept Your Feelings – After discovering the affair, you will become overwhelmed by your feelings and emotions. It is important that you know that this is normal. Accept is as, this is the way I am supposed to feel right now. It won’t feel good but you have to accept these feelings as normal during your initial stage after discovery.

Deciding to Stay or Leave – At some point you will be burdened with this decision. You are ultimately responsible for your own life, and after reaching levels of rational thinking you will need to choose whether or not you want to take the necessary steps in recommitting to the relationship or if you must walk away. Support groups are there for guidance, but the ultimate choice will be yours. This is assuming that your partner or spouse is also committed in making it work. Remember, it takes two committed individuals to make a relationship successful.

Rebuilding Your Relationship – If you choose to stay, you will need to have a practical outlook early on during the rebuilding process. Use each day to get closer to becoming happy again, but be realistic. It will take some time.

Can a Couple Survive Infidelity? If you see that you have what it takes in committing to making it work, and you are with a good person that made a terrible mistake, then you truly can survive infidelity and go on to have a happy healthy relationship in the long run. However, it will take hard work, commitment, patience and some faith.

Please use the infidelity resources found on this site to the fullest.

Good luck!

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