Cheating Via Text Message: Betrayal Has Gone Digital

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When you look around, it is clear to see that technology is advancing at an alarming rate.  For the most part, it is making our lives easier.  Well, there is technology that has been around for quite some time that is wreaking havoc on relationships more and more each year.

It’s the text message, and cheating via text message is the new frontier.

Why is texting so dangerous to relationships?

3 Reasons Text Message Are Disastrous to Relationships

Easily done in secrecy-Writing a text messages can be performed quickly without raising too much suspicion from an unsuspecting partner.  A simple text that says,“not now” is enough to warn the recipient that their partner is around. A relationship is based on trust and a partner cheating via text message is often overlooked because of it.

Boundaries are easily crossed-When does chatting become cheating?  When complete conversations are deleted in fear of a partner reading it, the line has been officially crossed.

Hard proof-Suspicion is one thing, but staring at the words of an unfaithful partner is an eye opening experience that usually brings disaster to even the healthiest relationships.  In many divorce cases today, text message are cited and serve as excellent proof of infidelity.

Cheating Via Text Message May Start Off Innocently

Where does chatting end and cheating begin?  The lines have blurred and because of it there is a new term in today’s society:


It may be a media created word, but the effects of it is disastrous to a relationship. 

Sure, physically going out and kissing someone else at a night club while in a committed relationship is cheating, but that act of cheating is usually more deliberate.  With texting, an innocent flirtatious reply is all it takes to open the door to “chexting” in the future.

In many affairs, flirting via text messages start off innocently only to progress to emotional affairs and eventually the physical act of cheating.  According to many relationship therapists, when someone is sharing more intimate conversations with someone other than their partner, “Emotional sex” is taking place.  These conversations serve as fuel for the ego and the excitement is enough to propel the budding relationship to new levels.

So how do you know if your partner is ?

With social media today, it is very difficult to decipher if your partner is simply checking their Facebook account, checking in on Instagram or sending a filthy text to someone else.  This is the challenges of our times.  But if you pay attention and mind your relationship, your instincts will be all you need to know that something is not right with their behavior, and your relationship as a whole.

Once the red flags are up, using technology to confirm your suspicion is easier than you may think.  There are software programs that you can download to even retrieve erased text messages.  Looking up an unfamiliar cell phone number to see who owns it is just as easy.

Want To Know Who's Texting Your Loved One?

Enter Cellphone Number and Search Now!

Hopefully you will never be confronted with the pain of being cheated on, but if you do, use technology for what is was intended!

Good luck!