by Donna Bekstrom
(Lake Elsinore ca us)

My husband told me he wasn't in love with me anymore we spilt up for a few days then after me begging he came home is been weird and uncomfortable I can tell he is not into me but I'm so afraid to be alone i just take it. Well I had gut feelings something more was too all this so I began snooping and I dug deep and sure enough he was cheating he says it's over with the girl he told her he wants to try to work out his marriage but I don't believe him. He told me I have to get over it and he don't want to answer any questions or talk about it any more we have to start new. The thing is I'm so hurt and broken and he's not even comforting me its like he has no heart.I feel so pathetic him seeing me cry and doing nothing about it. I feel so weak and used and unloved but to scared to let him go. I can't eat or sleep all I do is cry. I hurt so bad and it's constantly I feel physically sick as well what can I do

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