Have a good life

by Dionna Harrell
(coatesville pa)

where do I start
I going to say what I feel cause its weighing my heart
your the only man I know that is ripping it apart
so many years of being married why do I feel alone
I remember the beginning but what went wrong
you tell me you love me and I think its true
but deep down inside your saying "bitch I hate you"
I never knew love can feel this bad
I see couples happy yet I feel so sad
dam this really got me mad
I cant believe I let you do this to me
wasn't I the reason they let you go free
you tell me jail is not where you want to be
but that's the reason why you left
man this is really killing me
I wanted to show you how much I really cared
your driving me crazy and its going nowhere
I really wish I can turn back the time
cause when I leave I'm not changing my mind
its fucked up cause you show me how you feel
not giving a dam and I wish this wasn't real
every place I moved you ran out my life
all the bad names you called me I thought I was just your wife
I know you have a conscience how do you sleep at night
knowing your the one that always start the fight
I'm not going to let you keep getting over
I'm still young but I mature each year I get older
I strive to make it work
but your shoulder is growing colder
did you ever stop and think "dam I just want to hold her"
the truth comes out when your drunk
I get lies when your sober
stressing myself trying to prove what's right
if you took a step back you would of knew you had a good wife
your not going to win you lost this fight
but you can kiss my ass and have a good life!

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May 16, 2018
by: Anonymous

You so right he moved out got his own lil place a room he rents out 😲 he rather live there looking at the walls then to live in a 4 bedroom house looking at the birds the creek deers i dont kno why why he wants that kind of life and i guess i stress over him cause we been married for 12 years now so it is hard to just let go

May 16, 2018
Kiss my ass and have a good life NEW
by: Anonymous

Dump the jerk, did it once he'll do it everytime his did hits fresh air. Why do women fight for these losers?

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