I get a feeling that my bf cheated on me at a strip club

by Maria

It was all set up by his dad, and uncle they asked if it was fine I said yes because I wanted him to have fun in his 21st and to go on a boys trip. Later that night his instagram was logged in on my iPad I decided to snoop and found that he posted on his story that he was at a strip club! I was heartbroken because I didn't think they would go some place like that (but then again what did I expect). I talked to him the next day and told him I know that he probably went to a strip club, not telling him that I actually found out since I wanted him to tell me, but he denied it and said he only went to a bar and drank so I just dropped it thinking he probably just doesn't want to tell me so he won't hurt my feelings and I decided to brush it off because yeah it's normal at te end of the day. Then a few days later when he was already back I I found on his Kik (also logged in my ipad lol) his friend messaged on the day of his birthday " happy birthday bro, get some pussy, pop a pill and get lit buddy" then my bf replied "thank you bro, I hit the strip that day lol"then me being furious called him and told him I saw that message and he told me that he knew it that I would see it somehow , he finally spilled and admitted it but said he didn't like it and that his dad and friends he saw at vegas all pushed him to go and that he was thinking of me the entire time. No biggie right? But now

here is the real actual problem that I have , my bf told me that his friend was having sex with the strippers in the back room because he has no control over his money and just keeps spending and spending (this guys has a gf too how disgusting) . And then my overthinking ass jumping to conclusions as always began to think, it was my bfs birthday that day, his friend probably most likely bought him one since I guess the strippers there were wiling too, and they were all drunk at the same time, I get a feeling that he might've had sex with them with the mindset "whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas". Because then again in the message his friend mentioned to get some "pussy" then my bf replied that he went to the strip club probably implying that he did something. Then to top it off he said he had a feeling I would see these messages so that leaves me feeling that he probably didn't say everything he actually did do at the strip club because he had a feeling I'd see the message. I don't know all this begins to add up in my head and causes me anxiety and fear of cheating because of how loyal I am and don't want to get fucked over, I am the queen of overthinking at the same time lol it gives me headaches. I know this was long but I really want someone's opinion , am I overthinking this too much and should just drop this and move on or should I actually be worried about this. I really love him he's the best thing that's ever happened to me which is why I get so paranoid that something is going to happen. Thank you.

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