I really don't know if he as been cheating in the past...

by Ash

Hello i dont really know if he is i been cheating in the past he told me he hasnt ever cheated on me or thought about it he delated face book for me n let me go on there any time but he likes on line games n when i ask him if he has ever cheated he blows up but i say it offten i need help idk if he is or its just me because i been hurt n fucked over two times i have two sons n a baby on the way the boys are not his this one im carrying is his i cought him on porn sights 3 times he lied about being on them i havent seen any more we ment on pof datting sight will be a year we been together but idk i havent seen him on it any more bc i b at him to much about it but i still tell him i see it im done i dont need the bs dealt with it too much please help me


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