In Limbo - "Is it time to move on in life..."?

I recently found out that my wife of almost six years has cheated on me on and off since we first met. I confronted her with proof and she said she would tell me everything but she didn't do it face to face she texted it to me.

She said that it was the whole truth but I recently found that it wasn't the whole truth. She has said that she would never cheat on me again but when I thought she was cheating before I asked her and she would say she loved me and wants only me.

It turns out that the times that I had asked her before was times she was in fact cheating. I am trying to forgive her and move on but it is hard to when she doesn't tell the truth about her affairs.

Is it time to move on in life or do you think she will ever tell me the truth and stop cheating again?

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i think it's time to move on but...
by: C-

What exactly are you trying to resolve with the truth? She cheated on you, which is an act of deceit. If she was deceitful before she can certainly do it again.

I think you should either decide to take her back and just move on with what she has told you, or move on without her

Just my two cents.

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