Infidelity at the Workplace – Should You Be Worried?

In today’s society, infidelity at the workplace is a major factor in why divorce rates are still on the incline.  You always hear that you see your co-workers more than your family in most cases.  This is usually the situation for most working adults.

infidelity at the workplace

The Beginnings of Infidelity at the Workplace

When interviewed about their infidelity, many cheating husbands and wives will tell you that their affair was never intended.  Are they lying?

Speaking from personal experience, an affair can begin innocently enough.  Many workers will spend their entire career flirting with a co-worker, never to cheat in the end.

People deal with temptation differently, and the unfortunate fact is that more and more people are given in to it when it presents itself.  Is this okay?  Of course it’s not, but this is today’s society that you are faced with.

How to Prevent Cheating at the Workplace

Let me start by saying, there is no full proof way to prevent another individual from doing something they have “chosen” to do.  Cheating is still ultimately a choice, and the best you can do is to make it that much harder for your loved one to make the choice to cheat.

Here’s What You Can Do:

•    Pay attention when they talk about a co-worker – If you are listening you may potentially spot a situation that may need intervening before it is too late.  If they mention that someone is flirting with them at work, don’t ignore it.  It may be their way of hinting to you what lies ahead.

•    Identify flirtatiousness amongst each other – If they seem to be too intimate for your own likings, the situation may need to be discussed in a heart to heart conversation.

•    Identify the potential trouble maker at work – This is not always so, but in many cases there will be that man or woman that is just trouble from a mile away.  This is usually the care free soul that seems up for anything.  Keep your eye on them!

The above are just a few things that you can do and look out for at the workplace.  In conclusion the important thing is to be present in your relationship.  By being present you will be able to listen to what your partner may be saying is missing in your relationship.

When you hear these things, don’t ignore them.  Ignoring them may be your biggest mistake.  If you take one thing from this article, remember that your best defense in preventing infidelity at the workplace is to make it extremely difficult for your partner to “choose” to step out on the relationship.

You can only do your part, and then leave the rest up to faith that they will keep on making the right choices even when temptations arise.

Good luck and please chime in below with your thoughts on workplace infidelity and what we can do to get this on the decline.

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