Infidelity Warning Signs that Signal Your Spouse is Being Unfaithful

Infidelity warning signs are messages that something might be going awry in your relationship, not proof positive, but when more and more signs occur, it may be time to honestly consider that your loved one is finding pleasure in the company of someone else.

You've heard the term "where there's smoke there's fire"? Well, you know your spouse and if you just have a gut feeling something's not right, you might be right.

Changes in behavior can occur as people mature and grow, but sudden changes and new interest in things that he or she had voiced opposition or distaste in the past, is a sign of new interest in another human being.

Common Infidelity Signs

A change in bathing pattern is a sign, when the loved one who always showered in the morning is now taking a shower when returning home or the partner you could call at lunchtime or right after work, can't be reached any more.

Signs might be as subtle as a new interest in a different type of music or as blatant as a flat out request for divorce without any prior request for separation.

More infidelity warning signs, which are both signs of the unfaithful husband as well as the signs of wife infidelity include:

  • No longer wearing the wedding ring 
  • Suddenly using more call and text minutes on a cell phone and erasing call logs 
  • Erasing the history on the computer
  • Having a second cell phone
  • Sudden interest in appearance
  • Jumps at the chance to run errands
  • Needs more alone time
  • Works longer hours than usual
  • Picking fights

Bill Paying Changes: If you've been paying the bills and your spouse suddenly insists on taking over, or you notice you are no longer receiving the credit card statement, that might be a good indication your spouse is trying to hide some expenditures that you would question.

Any one sign is not necessarily a cause for alarm, as for example, it is dangerous to wear a wedding ring with some occupations, especially those involving chains and moving machinery parts. People use second cell phones for business and home, and erasing call logs and histories are sometimes done when people are planning surprise parties.

When your significant other engages in the activities of multiple infidelity warning signs, or you have the gut feeling something is wrong, that is when you should look more closely.

Emotional Infidelity Warning Signs

Emotional infidelity often starts as a friendship but leads to intimacy and the signs of emotional infidelity are:

  • Sharing complaints about the marital relationship
  • Keeping secret the extent of conversations and time with the "friend"
  • Sharing private thoughts that once were only shared with the spouse
  • Becoming defensive about the nature of the relationship

You can monitor yourself for infidelity warning signs easily but to tell whether or not your partner is having an emotional affair, you need know what he or she is sharing with the friend. In all likelihood this requires trying to over hear phone conversations or reviewing text message and emails.

Men Versus Women

The signs of infidelity in men are primarily the same as they are for women, although some claim that men do not cover their tracks as well as women do. Essentially, some claim men are more likely to be caught cheating than woman as a man might not think through that he has claimed he had to stay late for overtime but not have an increase in his pay.

While men might get involved for physical satisfaction and women go outside the relationship for emotional satisfaction, the unfaithful cheating wife signs are the same signs of unfaithful husband.

If you are looking for signs she's cheating or that he is cheating, things are probably not going well between you and your loved one, or else you would not be looking for infidelity warning signs.

Take time to look at your lives together and if your partner is withdrawn, emotionally distant, and self absorbed, it is possible that he or she is at risk of becoming involved with someone else.

All is not lost if you see the signs. As research shows, if both of you are willing to have an honest and open discussion, addressing issues, then you increase your odds for saving your relationship.

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