My Girlfriend Flirts too Much - "I need your advice"

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She Flirts too much...

She Flirts too much...

My girlfriend flirts too much

My girfriend and I have been together for 3 years now. I thought we loved each, at least that was the impression she gave me. In my mind, this was the women I would marry. I am reaching out for opinions, because I want to make sure that I am not over re-acting or making more out of this than what it "truly" is.

I will start off by saying my girl is very pretty and she has a very sensual way about her. She knows this, and because of it, she flirts a lot. I have come to learn to accept that is who she is, and quite frankly that was what attracted me to her. When I met my girl, I was working and she started flirting with me while I was on the job. She knew what she wanted and we ended up exchanging numbers that night.

I must admit, there are times when I think about her doing this to other men when I am not around.

Here's my problem. Recently I discovered several suggestive text messages on her phone that were between her and a past boy friend of hers. The flirty text do no state in black and white that anything took place between them. There was alot of regular talk in the text, but then there was things mixed in there like. "Then, again..I was always too much for you, LOL".

I know that he is an "ex" because she told me his name and that they still spoke and that they were only friends. She even asked if I was crazy to even think that she would ever hook back up with him.

I feel there are text messages on her phone that were well over the line, and personally if I read between the lines I would have to think that they are on the verge on doing something, if it continues.

Because my girlfriend flirts so much, she has been able to walk the line for so long. I am very concerned right now. I am not sure how I am to approach this and what exactly to say.

She keeps saying that I "need" to trust her, but after coming across these suggestive texts between her and this a**hole, how can I?

Please, I am looking for opinions on how to deal with my girl flirting so much and specifically, how to confront her and what approach to take with her on this matter.

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The Answer to My Girlfriend Flirts too Much
by: Anonymous

Here is a good video that may help you get through the situation with your girlfriend flirting too much. Hope it helps!

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