My Green Grass (A Poem For Inspiration)

by Amanda
(Lexington, VA)

My Green Grass

-I read some words once that truly made me think, the grass is still green on my side…
Those words ring true in so many aspects, as the grass on your side has died
-You lie on the hard couch, me in my soft cozy bed
The smile is coming back to my face, wander how many tears you will shed?
-I lost the person I was, but that person is back
I’m starting my life over; it’s getting back on track
-I have the love of my children and for that I do thank you…
Should’ve thought of your lies and misdeeds that you do.
-You made me who I was but not anymore
I will become me again, that is for sure.
-Eventually you’ll see what you will be without
Eventually you’ll see what true love is about.
-You’ll be a part time Dad, but you’ll have that freedom you needed
You’ll regret the life you chose, how you almost cheated.
-Your next lady friend may fall for it too,
But soon she will see that you are you…
-You broke my heart and ended my trust
I’ve made getting over you a must.
_You’ll pick up your kids on your scheduled times
He’ll answer the door when the door bell chimes.
-He’ll have the life that you could’ve had
He’ll have the love that you screwed up so bad.
-The boys will hug him bye and tell them they’ll miss him
They may even cry at night to come home to be with him.
-I’m sorry it’s this way but you really didn’t want to fix it
You can say that you did but your actions didn’t show it.
-Your comfortable world is crashing down
I’m learning to swim and will not drown.
-I wish you the best in all that you do
I wish you had understood, but you had not a clue.
-The grass may have seemed greener to you the last few years,
I’m sure they don’t now as the end starts to near.
-years down the road, you’ll look back and see
That the grass is still growing green around me.

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