My wife is addicted to Facebook and I'm worried she is talking to someone else...

by Chris

For the past 3 months or so, my wife is completely addicted to Facebook, and it is causing a problem in our marriage. She is constantly stuck, face first in her phone on FB. She says, "oh i'm just getting updates on what my friends are doing since we don't do anything"

The thing is, even when I try and take her out on the town, it is the same story. We can be at the dinner table, and she will be into her phone on Facebook. I literally have to nudge her, or raise my voice to get her to put it away, and then that lasts only so long.

I recently read a post that Facebook is sited on nearly 1/3 of all recent divorces and that seems to stick in my mind. My mind begins to get the best of me and I worry that she is secretly talking to someone on Facebook, and that is why she is so obsessed with it.

I really don't know what to do, because I don't think its just a fad that she will get over and it really is affecting our marriage. I really don't know how much more I can take without losing my mind. I try to remain respectful, but there may come a point that I just explode.

I am looking for anyone that may have some advice on this.

I really would like to hear from someone that has had their wife or husband issues with Facebook. It would be awesome to hear from someone that when through or is going through a situation where there wife is addicted to Facebook.

Please help me, I really do love my wife and don't want this issue to be the reason we do not make it. I have not seen any proof that she is cheating on me, on Facebook or in real life. But I still don't feel right about our marriage right now.


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clear communication
by: Bill

Have you tried to have a sit down with her during a relaxed time so you can clearly communicate with her about your concerns. Set a time that you know she will be in a relaxed mood. Don't do it right after she comes from work or after she just labored in cleaning the house. Maybe do it over a glass of wine in a relaxed setting. The most important part of all of this is that you "clearly communicate" your concerns and what it is doing to the marriage. Don't blame her as if she is a bad person, but rather just point out what her social choices are doing to your bond. Also, try to give something back. So, for instance you may mention that you notice how stress she has been with keeping up with all the house work and how you are going to be chipping in to help, Try your best to make it a two way conversation and not your scolding her. If she is willing to listen, I think you may have a chance to getting through to her about her actions on FB. You use the terms, "wife addicted to Facebook", but if you really feel it is an addiction then you may eventually have to recommend so kind of counseling to help her get through this. But don't give up if you love her. Social media as changed many relationships for the worst. Hang in there.

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