Please I'm Desperate! I Think My Girl Is Cheating On Me. I Need Advice

by Sam P.
(Ocala, FL)

I truly think my girlfriend is cheating on me. Im so stressed

I truly think my girlfriend is cheating on me. Im so stressed


One of my friends has recommended this site, and said that I may get the advice I’m looking for, so here's my problem.

Me and my girlfriend Victoria have been in a relationship for almost 4 years now. We've been through everything together. There are many great and happy moments we can talk about, and many bad and sad moments which made our bond to be even stronger.

Around 4 months ago, she was out at a birthday party at her friend’s house, and since then I have noticed a slight change in her behavior.

I know my girl as a warm person, a person who is showing emotions, a person who loves long hugs and neck kisses.
Everything has changed that Friday; I guess it was 5th of May and I will never forget it.

Since then I've been searching for my old Victoria, my old good girl whom I had big plans with. I planned to marry her and I can’t say that I’m not still seeing as the girl I want to be with until the end of my life.

The thought about cheating little by little it’s tearing me apart. It hurts to guess for the worst, and I’m there because I think she may have cheated on me on her birthday.

I’m a very emotional guy that always looked upon having a girl with whom I will spend years and years, will make a family and will experience true love. I found that with her, I found that piece I was looking for till few months ago when everything has changed.

I talked to her many times, because our relationship was based on trust and honesty. Every time we’ve been through a problem we fixed it with honest talks and partner’s collaboration.

I don’t believe it is there anymore. My
trust in my girlfriend disappearing; In fact, that is why I needed to write this post and to ask for your advice.

I’m really desperate to know if my girlfriend was cheating on me or not. I’ve asked a few friends who were there that night and they said that they didn't see anything suspicious.

Yes, I know many girls are going through a period, in fact every person on this earth goes through a bad period, but we are together for 4 years, and we know everything about each other, or we KNEW everything till few months ago.

It hurts, it hurts so bad to lie in bed every night and to ask yourself if something is wrong with you, or are you a good boyfriend and a good partner. That’s how I feel right now.

I checked her mobile, Facebook messages, but I didn't find anything irregular. I don’t know what to do anymore. The only thing left is to follow her and stand in front of her house, which will be like I’m going through real nightmare, the nightmare I was always scared to experience.

Oh, and every time I start the conversation about what is wrong and why her behavior is not the same as before, she says NOTHING. There are many times when I become nervous and can’t control and I point towards the fact that my girlfriend is still cheating on me. There starts a fight and she starts acting like I’m the one that is jealous, that I don’t trust her and other stuff.

I’m overwhelmed by this, and I can’t stand it anymore. I’m about to go through anything just to find out if I’m right.

Please, give me advice on what I should do now. Should I go further and follow her, or should I end my relationship?

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