Possible Hidden Clues Left Behind by a Cheater

If you suspect that your partner or loved one is cheating, then you should certainly be looking for the possible hidden clues left behind during their scandalous endeavors.

Cheating takes work and the longer that your loved one is stepping out on your relationship or marriage the more likely it will be that they will slip up.

In order to capitalize on their mistakes, you have to be ready otherwise these opportunities to shed light on their devious ways will pass you by.

Possible Hidden Clues Left Behind by a Cheater

•    Receipts from places such as restaurants, bars and hotels that you are totally unaware of

•    Hair clips or hair bands left behind in places such as their car

•    Hair strands left on their clothes , sheets, or car seat

•    Photos in the picture gallery of their phones

•    Messages left behind in their sent, or recently deleted files on phone or computer

•    Condom wrapper found in the garbage (long shot, but it happens!)

•    Semen stains on their underwear

•    Call log history depicting an unknown number called at weird times

•    Numerous cell phone texts to unknown person

The above are just a few clues that a sloppy cheater may leave behind, and if you are looking out for any one of these then it should raise a red flag and then it will be up to you to investigate a bit further.

Cheaters are sneaky and manipulative but they are not perfect.  They will miss a minor detail which may be just what you need to put you on the right track.  Keep them honest by checking up on these minor details in their story.

How Can I Check Up on These Minor Details Left Behind by a Cheater?

Before he or she leaves for the day, make a note of the miles on their car.  Did they say they only went to work and back, then why is there 20 extra miles on their odometer?

Check their pockets and car every now and then for receipts and other telling documents.  You may know the football player Chad Ochocinco, and one of the main reasons for his break up with his fiancé was because she found a receipt for condoms in the trunk of his car.  It happens, and if you are looking for these slip ups, their dirt will come to light.

If you know any more possible hidden clues left behind by a cheater, please feel free to chime in below.  I would love to hear from you.

Good luck!

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