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R&B Songs about cheating

Welcome to our R and B Songs about Cheating page.

I love to listen to so many different types of music, but for some reason one genre that I find myself listening to the most, is R & B.

The music gives me a sense of connection.  On this page I will compile a list of R & B songs about cheating, and hopefully they will give you a sense of connection as well.

With your help I am hoping to find the right blend of R & B songs that are about infidelity and cheating to include on this list.

The right music can make the world slow down so that it is more relaxing and enjoyable.

Below you will find a compilation of R & B songs about cheating with a brief description for each.  There will also be a form in which you will be able to leave your suggestions for other R & B songs that you would like to see added to this page.

I look forward to your input!

R and B Songs About Cheating

Why Her - Monica

This is a slow song with a R & B feel to it. Monica chooses to walk out after all the pain she endures in the relationship.

My Little Secret – Xscape

This is a very seductive song about keeping an affair on the down low and keeping it that way.  “Everybody cheats, but ya gotta know how, gotta know when…”                      

Infidelity - Trey Songz

This is a nice little R & B jam. No matter what he did, she kept him on a pedestal.

Your Child - Mary J Blige

If you are man enough enough make a child, be man enough to raise that child. 

I'm Cheatin' - Dwele

He's cheating on his "daytime" girlfriend with the woman that comes out behind close doors.  Real smooth.

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R & B Cheating Songs submitted by Our Visitors

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