Signs of Infidelity in Men

Learn These Signs Quickly

signs of infidelity in men

Signs of infidelity in men are always present, but you have to know where to look.

After reading this, not only will you know where to look, but you will know just what to do after discovering infidelity.

How many husbands really cheat?

Infidelity statistics suggest that as much as 70% of husbands have or are cheating on their wives.

With stats like this, it is even more important today to always know what is going on in your marriage.

In order to do so, you have to pay real close attention to the signs of infidelity in men.

Do you think your husband will confess if he has already cheated? The answer to that is a big No!

If you want to put your suspicions to rest, you have to pay attention and take action.

Not all men will cover their tracks effectively when cheating, but in order to bust the ones that do, you have to think like they do.

Signs of Infidelity in Men That You Should Know About

Less Attentive in Relationship – Does your man seem distant all of a sudden when he is normally affectionate with you?

When men are cheating a key sign to look out for is when he suddenly seems “tuned out”. If he is, his attention may be directed somewhere else.

More Enthusiastic About Relationship – The conscience is very powerful, and sometimes a cheater will try to cover up their tracks by showering you with love and emotion in an effort to make themselves feel better.

Change in Sex Frequency – If your husband is cheating, it is very likely that the sex frequency will change dramatically in your marriage. In most cases, his attention and libido will be directed towards his new lover.

Secretive about Cell Phone – The cell phone is the single most important means of communication once two lovers are apart. So if your partner is cheating he will make every effort to keep your prying eyes away from his cell phone.

Even if he tells his lover not to call him on his phone, there is no way that he could know for sure that she will not unexpectedly call or text him one day. So to err on the side of caution, he will keep his phone away from you as much as he can.

Financials Not Adding Up – When the financials just aren’t adding up, a likely scenario is that your man is using family funds to pay for the affair. This may include restaurants, gifts and hotels. You can see how the money can add up fairly quickly.

I will mention more signs of infidelity in men later. Each cheater will leave behind different clues at different times, so the important lesson to learn is to pay attention to the details in your marriage.

While the signs of cheating may be different, “change” will take place in your relationship one way or another if your man is cheating. Take note!

signs of infidelity - distant in relationship

Tips for Taking Action in Uncovering Infidelity

Cheaters rely on your trust in order to get away with their actions, so leaving the faith of your relationship simply up to trust is not a very good idea.

I am sure you monitor other items of importance in your life such as investments, your relationship or marriage should be no different.

If you are having suspicions, it is even more important to take actions sooner rather than later.

If you pay attention to details, you can use these very same details to unravel their stories. If he is always working late a certain day, make a surprise visit to see him. Better yet, just pass by to make sure his car is still there.

If the financials are not adding up, comb through the bank statements of your joint account looking for clues such as unusual ATM withdrawals on the same night.

Pay attention when he unlocks his phone and browse through items such as sent texts, emails and pictures. Over time, he will slip up and his secret may be revealed.

These are just a few signs of infidelity in men, so please come back often as I will be updating this page frequently with infidelity signs that your man may be leave behind.

Good luck!

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