Signs of Infidelity in Women

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Signs of infidelity in women are frequently left behind, but if you are the trusting husband these early warning signs may be overlooked. The consequences of missing these telltale signs only get worse with time.

In today’s society, news of celebrity infidelity is a reoccurring theme. The media paints the picture of infidelity very lightly. This is not the case in “real life”.

If you want to protect yourself and possibly your marriage, you have to know how to spot the signs of infidelity in women that so many men miss.

Knowledge is power, but you have to pay attention to the little things in order to uncover a woman’s darkest secrets.

The first thing you have to learn is to trust your intuition. You are reading this today because of a suspicion that you have. You have nothing more than a “gut feeling” that something is going on behind your back.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss this feeling. More times than not, this suspicion turns out to be right. This is according to so many emails that I have received from men and women that regretted that they just didn’t follow up early enough on a simple suspicion of infidelity. In knowing this, you need to take action to find the missing pieces that will tell the whole story, good or bad.

There are literally hundreds of signs of infidelity in women that are left behind. However, with almost all of them your subconscious will signal to you that “something just doesn’t add up”. This is why you get that “gut feeling”. Listen to it!

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Here are some key telltale signs that your woman may be leaving behind right under your nose.

Key Signs of Infidelity in Women You Need to Learn

Distant in Relationship – If your wife is cheating it will cause her to treat you differently in the relationship. In most cases she will be less attentive and may even seem “tuned out” a lot. Because of her guilty conscious, she may avoid making eye contact with you during intimate conversations.

Changes in Appearance – If your wife is cheating she will want to look her best for her new lover. Changes to look out for are things such as wardrobe, weight, hairstyle and hygiene.

Sex Frequency and Quality of Sex – Is the sex between you two somehow off? Did she stop initiating sex like she use to? Does it seem like she is just going through the motions? One way or another, if she is cheating there will be a change to be noticed if you are paying attention.

The above are just a few key signs of cheating that women leave behind. No two women will display the same signs in the same way, so the important thing to recognize is “change”.

When suspecting infidelity, the important thing to recognize is change. This will lead you in the right direction to find your truth.

Please re-read the last sentence. If you grasp this concept you will not have to memorize the hundreds of infidelity signs that you will find on my website.

A woman will change something about her lifestyle while covering up an affair, so pay attention and these changes will become evident.

In most cases, she will be unaware of her subtle changes. Keep in mind that some signs will be easy to uncover, while others will require a bit more patience. Stay the course. Your marriage and life of happiness may depend on it.

Please come back often as I will continue to add more signs of infidelity in women frequently.

My single goal for this website is to give you all the information you need so that you will know what to look for to uncover all their telltale signs.

Good luck!

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