Why can't my girlfriend answer simple questions? Is she cheating?

Why can't my girlfriend answer my questions about where she was?

Why can't my girlfriend answer my questions about where she was?

She wanted some space. She insisted on knowing what cinema I would be at and what time on Saturday night and suggested I stop at my moms that night, when she went out with friends.

The next morning I rang her in the morning which went to answer phone then she text me back asking what I wanted and said I thought you were going to give me space until Monday.

I then just asked her where she had stopped that night as I went to her flat to get a few of my things but she wasn't there. She replied with things like: why you interested, why do I need to explain myself, where do you think I stopped, why do you need to know.

After hours of this going on via text (because she wouldn't answer the phone) she finally told me she went to an old friends that she hasn't seen for ages that she use to work with. They had food and drink and spoke about work opportunities and she ended up stopping the night.

She was made out that I was accusing her of cheating and I was controlling even I had no problem with our separate outings the day before. I told her I don't like how she seems to be hiding things from me and never getting a straight answer, yet she wanted to know which cinema I was going to at what viewing time.

She did a similar kind of thing about a month ago where she had stopped out after a night out, ignored my calls, wouldn't explain where she was then when she turned up in her dress and heels said she stopped at her friends who she went out with because her mate was too drunk.

Why can't she answer simple questions and be honest with me when I ask such simple questions, if she stopped out as her boyfriend surely I have a right to know where she ended up. The way she acts make me question my trust for her. Please help me


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