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why i cheated - too many temptations

I wanted to share a bit as to why I cheated. I think by sharing some insight it may help you to understand what drives a cheater to cheat.

By understanding why a cheater cheats, it may save your relationship from disaster if you can stop it before it happens.

On this site, there are plenty of signs of infidelity that you should become familiar with in order to give your marriage or relationship a fighting chance.

For a Cheater the Grass is Greener on the Other Side

Earlier in my relationships, I always felt that there was something better out there. My girlfriend was always missing something that the next woman had.

If she was thin, then she didn’t have the curves of someone else. If her eyes were hazel, well then they weren’t blue.

I would always find a reason as to why there was always something better out there. Because of this thinking, all my relationships were doomed to fail.

cheating-grass is always greener on the other  side

Great Stories

Amongst our friends, we always looked forward to hearing the next best story about the office fling or the one night stand from a few nights ago.

Well, my stories were no different. While my actions severed many relationships, it created a closer bond with the guys.

It is sad to say, but very true.

Why I Cheated - Plenty of Opportunities

There is a statistic that says that men with more money cheat more. What is that saying? I will tell you what it says. Men with more money have more opportunities to cheat, and if they are weak minded the many temptations will overcome them.

In my college days, I was a popular jock and because of this I had many opportunities to stray presented to me. Not all, but some of these opportunities lead to great locker room stories with guys.

temptation - many opportunities to cheat

Not Truly Invested

Relationships are hard enough when both individuals are trying their best. Now imagine when one of them is only partially invested in making it work.

This was me most of time. If they broke up with me, well then I guess I would have to move on to the next one.

Embarrassing Times

Looking back, the way I thought was quite embarrassing. I didn’t understand the value of a true relationship. I didn’t realize that there was much more to a relationship than the physical aspect. Boy was I wrong.

Why I cheated, may not be the exact same reasons as to why each and every man cheats. But it is a reality of how two people can look at the same relationship with completely different views. My actions were caused by a mental weakness and the desire to impress my friends.

I no longer think as I once did, and this site is here to help even one person avoid, overcome or survive infidelity.

If I achieve that, then my goal would have been accomplished.

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