You Spun Your Web of Lies

by Sara
(a Better Place, USA)

Web of Lies - Karma is coming!

Web of Lies - Karma is coming!

Web of Lies

When I Looked Into Your Eyes

I use to see deep into your soul

Now all I see is two blocks of Coal

I use to cherish your warm embraces

And tender touch

I've come to realize what we had wasn't much

Just a Web of Lies that you conjoured up

I've learned a lesson for two life times

Karma is a bitch and she'll even up the score

Your team will lose and that is you and your dirty whore

In order for me to move on, there are things I must admit

When I found out It churned my stomach pit

My love for you was so great, that the pain rocked

me to my core

But my lesson learned has taught me one thing

That Your Web of Lies will be no more!

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