Why would someone be a habitual cheater?

by Pam

Why would someone be a habitual cheater? I have been cheated on in almost all of my relationships, and they were all pretty much the same story. The men that cheated on me did it like it was nothing, while telling me they loved me.

It wasn't like they met the one person that swept them off of their feet. They were just low down habitual cheaters. I am trying to understand how someone could be this way and still have a conscience. If I look at someone else, or if I dream about someone else I feel so guilty and ashamed and here these guys are doing it like its going out of style.

For the life of me I can't understand. I read about habitual cheaters on this site but I would love to hear from an actual cheater or someone else that may understand why they do this. I do understand that it is not only men that are like this, but I am only speaking from my personal experience of course.

My mind can grasp the notion that people go through times in their lives when they are more emotional or vulnerable, and during these times a mistake may happen. Not that its right, because I have never done this but I can atleast understand. But to cheat on the person you say you love over and over likes its nothing, that I just don't see how that person lives with themselves.

I know about cheating in general, but I am more concerned about why someone would be a habitual cheater specifically. I will keep track of this post to see if anyone has something to offer on this topic. Thanks in advance.


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